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What do Event Planners Look for in a Dallas Event Venue?

What do Event Planners Look for in a Dallas Event Venue?

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The most important thing for any event planner is to create the perfect experience for your guests and to make sure that they have a good time! Obtaining this goal starts with finding the right event venue for your event in Dallas. If you don’t have your heart set on an event venue already, trying to locate the perfect venue can be very time-consuming. To help you plan like a pro – we asked our team of event planners what they look for in an event venue in Dallas!

Is your event venue in Dallas centrally located?

First thing is first: location, location, location! You want your venue to be close and convenient for guests. It should be a reasonable distance from work or home – if your guests are out-of-towners, make sure it is close to their hotel and the airport! Organizing transportation to and from the event is always helpful for traveling guests.

Does your event venue have plenty of parking?

If your guests will be driving to your event in Dallas, make sure that your venue has plenty of parking! Does the event venue have a private parking lot or is there only street parking available? Will you need to hire a valet service or does the venue offer that service?

Can your event venue accommodate guests with special needs?

Is the Dallas event venue you are considering wheelchair accessible? Will there be accommodations for guests who are visually or hearing impaired? You will need to know your guests and consider the appropriate accommodations for them when choosing a venue.

What kinds of services and amenities does your event venue in Dallas offer?

It is important to ask a potential venue what kind of amenities you would have access to on the day of your event in Dallas – it could even save you money on rentals and staff!

  • Some event venues have built-in audio/visual systems that you can utilize instead of having to provide your own or renting speakers.
  • What is the venue’s set-up/breakdown policy? Do they have a team to help you? If not, you will need to contract this service through a rental company or recruit volunteers. Either way, make sure that you leave the event venue as clean as you found it to avoid any additional fees.
  • Minimizing risk and keeping your guests safe is crucial. Depending on the nature of your event in Dallas, you might need security in attendance. Ask the venue if they have security staff – if not, it’s likely that they can help you contract it.
  • Ask your event venue if they will have on-site management during your event in Dallas. This person will be able to help you coordinate load-in times for vendors, make sure everything is set-up according to plan and be of assistance in case anything goes awry during the event.

What kind of layout is possible at your event venue?

Do you imagine your event being outdoors – or maybe a combination of the two? Ask if they have any outdoor space available. Some event venues in Dallas have the flexibility to tent their parking lot for a festival, car show, or sporting event.

Is their venue customizable? Can you create a layout that will allow your event to flow smoothly? Make sure you have enough room to add the dancefloor or stage you needed and that you will still have enough space for your guests to be comfortable!

Pay attention to the existing built-in décor during your site visit. Does it complement the style of your event? The existing design and fixtures of a Dallas event venue can create a unique experience for your guests without bringing in extra rentals.

There is a lot to consider when shopping for event venues in Dallas. However, once you learn to ask the right questions – you’ll find the perfect venue for your event in no time!

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