Gas Monkey Virtual Tour


Gas Monkey Virtual Tour: A Visual Guide to Help Plan Your Next Unique Event in Dallas

From Dallas convention groups to upscale corporate and social gatherings, Gas Monkey Live is the perfect space for your next event. With three satellite bars, a huge guitar-shaped main bar, a private VIP area, in-house furnishings, concert quality stage, state-of-the-art sound and lighting and more, the possibilities for customization are endless. The virtual venue on our website can help you begin to envision your special event. This tool is extremely helpful for industry professionals planning events for clients that aren’t local to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as they can showcase Gas Monkey Live’s unique space in more than just pictures. In addition to the virtual tour, our seasoned event planners armed with their long-time relationships with the Dallas area’s most sought-after industry professionals, will help execute the vision you have for your event.




Creating Your Event at Gas Monkey Live

During a search for the perfect venue, someone could visit up to five (or more) spaces in a single day! It doesn’t take long before the small details begin to fade from your memory. Gas Monkey Live’s virtual tour allows you to revisit our unique venue anytime, at the click of a mouse!


As you “walk through” Gas Monkey Live, the virtual tour is equipped with buttons that contain small bits of information about the space to help you begin to visualize your event. Starting off at the entrance, an open concept layout gives a one-of-a-kind, welcoming feel that has you imagining the possibilities. The side room gives way to extra space for food stations or games to entertain guests. Clicking to the next area, a huge guitar-shaped bar will grab your attention. This space is great for an open or cash bar, a space for food stations or a combination of the two!


Gas Monkey live events

Sliding to the VIP area, the velvet-red wallpaper, private bar and private restrooms add a premium touch for special guests and executives. Heading over to the stage area gives you a front row experience dancing during your favorite song or seated listening to a keynote speaker.

Gas monkey live view


Wrapping back around the other side, you see several spaces with built-in seating. This is a cozy area for your guests to relax and mingle or to incorporate food stations. Whether you’re planning your event in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or halfway across the world, having a virtual tour of Gas Monkey Live can help with:

  1. Determining where food and beverages will be served.
  2. Locating the ideal area for seating.
  3. Finding the best placement for games, vendors and activities.
  4. Branding your event.

With an option to share, you can work collaboratively with your team and ours to create the perfect event or private party that guests will remember. Take a virtual tour today and begin planning your next event in  Dallas.