Rice Catering by Gas monkey live

Full-Service Event Catering at Gas Monkey Live

Full-Service Event Catering at Gas Monkey Live

Rice Catering by Gas monkey live

One of the best ways to make your event memorable is to provide your guests with an unforgettable culinary experience.

Gas Monkey Live has partnered with G Texas Catering to give you the one-of-a-kind culinary experience your guests are looking for. G Texas Catering provides an upscale full-service catering experience that will transform your event at Gas Monkey Live into a culinary adventure.

G Texas Catering prides itself on creating innovative, upscale cuisine using the freshest ingredients available. In order to provide the best-tasting meal, G Texas Catering often prepares client’s food at Gas Monkey Live’s on-site kitchen. At Gas Monkey Live, every menu is customizable to satisfy your guests’ palates. The sample menus on our website will give you a hint of what type of food is available so you can begin to decide what type of service is best for your special event at Gas Monkey Live.

Types of Catering at Gas Monkey Live

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A plated dinner is perfect for a dinner party, corporate luncheon, charity gala or any formal social gathering. A standard plated dinner comes with three courses: a salad, entrée and dessert. However, more courses such as hors-d’oeuvres, soup, intermezzos (palate cleansers) and wine pairings can be added to enrich the experience of your guests. Plated dinners can be customized to incorporate the number of courses, the

food served for each course and can accommodate any dietary restriction your guests may have. You can have guests choose their dinner option before service or pick duo plates for the best of both worlds. G Texas Catering can also adjust service for events with a tight schedule by having pre-set plates. Pre-set plates allow for faster and quieter service which makes it a great option for an event with a speaker, presentation or when guests haven’t had appetizers

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If you aren’t serving a formal dinner at your event but want your guests to have a full meal, food stations are an excellent choice! They are great for a formal or informal reception-style event, making it easy for guests to mingle and explore our unique venue while they enjoy their food. Stationed menus are innovative and entertaining in presentation and flavor, offering guests a variety of choices to satisfy their palates. Stationed menus are extremely customizable; you can choose from a variety of hors-d’oeuvres, small plates and dessert stations. Chef-attended stations feature a chef cooking in front of guests. These stations allow your guests an even more interactive experience and add a la minute freshness to their plates.

Buffet style Catering by Gas monkey live catering

A buffet-style service is ideal for events with a large guest list as it allows food service in a timely manner. Large corporate parties, social gatherings and convention groups love the quick service and customization that buffets provide. Gas Monkey Live’s large venue space makes having several buffets a breeze.

If wooing guests is the goal, then pairing a great time with delicious food should be an event planner’s main priority – Gas Monkey Live will make it happen.

Start planning your next event at Gas Monkey Live.