Onsite Barrel-Aged Drinks

Bar Catering in Dallas: Cocktail & Bar Trends

Bar Catering in Dallas: Cocktail & Bar Trends

May your cocktail be strong – and trendy? A great bar is crucial for any wedding, conference, corporate party or any other special event. The demand for bar catering in Dallas has skyrocketed – event planners are starting to pay just as much attention to drink selection as they would for decor and DJ. The bar at cocktail hour is usually the first thing guests encounter, so the expectations for bar catering in Dallas have risen tremendously – we are constantly finding unique ways to create a tasty and memorable experience for guests. Here are a few great ways to create a unique experience at your event – with a hint of playfulness.

Cocktail & Bar Trends

Bar Catering in Dallas: Liquid Nitrogen Drinks

Liquid Nitrogen, the thick white vapor overflowing out of glasses, has become a futuristic ingredient introduced into the bar catering scene. Mixologists are using the cryogenic gas to freeze ingredients and serve slushy cocktails. The mesmerizing effect of the liquid nitrogen creates a fun and frosty treat. Guests love the over-the-top presentation of these delicious drinks!

Bar Catering in Dallas: Edible Flowers

When it comes to cocktails, flowers traditionally serve as a garnish atop a light, refreshing beverage. Mixologists have begun to incorporate beautiful buds into the flavor profile of a beverage by creating edible flowers. These carefully arranged edible flowers turn any cocktail into an instant work of art that is delicious – and Instagram worthy.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Innovative Culinary Cocktail Recipes

An increasing amount of bar services in Dallas are creating cocktails with vegetables that aren’t typically in the traditional cocktail. The presentation of vegetables in drinks serve as more than just garnish – mixologists are utilizing non-traditional vegetables such as pumpkin, radish, or carrots to create a cocktail with a unique flavor profile. The use of fresh vegetables also allows bar caterers to reflect the season or theme of an event.

Bar Catering in Dallas: “Localvore”

The desire for high-quality, locally sourced products explains the steadily growing market for craft beer, spirits and wine. Local producers of beer, wine, and spirits are focusing on using flavors reminiscent of their region – which tastes like “home” to many.

Dallas Bar Catering: Themed Cocktails

 Bar caterers in Dallas are offering custom cocktails catered to the theme of any event. It could be as simple as creating a margarita with flavors inspired by the city that a bride and groom first met, adding a special flair to a traditional beverage or inventing an entirely new cocktail! Themed cocktails add special attention to detail that ties the entire event together!

Onsite Barrel-Aged Drinks

Dallas Bar Catering: Onsite Barrel-Aged Drinks

Aging in wooden barrels adds complexity to the flavors of a cocktail and smooths out any harsh edges. Bartenders are filling casks with premade drinks and letting them age for weeks before serving. This fascinating and delicious practice shows how wood and air can refine the taste of a drink. A few cocktails that are even more delicious when barrel – aged are: Negroni, Old Fashioned, Manhattans and many more! Mini barrels are appearing in place of punch bowls at events and cocktail obsessed guests love it.

Bar catering services in Dallas offer the unique experience of being at a niche cocktail bar while at an event venue. These new and emerging bar catering trends show an increased focus on creating an experience, going local, and experimenting at the bar.